Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day

Two weekends ago, for Labor Day, a small group of my friends & I decided to take off & head to the beach. One of us lives in Delaware so we were all able to stay at his house for a night & make it an overnight event. I can't fully explain how much this trip was really needed. After the first "week" of classes, all of us were pretty burnt out on school. We just weren't ready for summer to really be over, so taking this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Driving down was so much fun, we played popcorn with the song choices, covering everything from Beyoncé to Blink 182 to Elton John, everyone of us singing at the top of our lungs. Of course, stopping at the light to snap this picture (& multiple identical ones thanks to Nathan) only added to the entertainment of day.

Then we'd actually gotten to the beach. How perfect! I'd been to Delaware beaches before, left unimpressed & frankly very disappointed but WOW, Lewes Beach surely made up for past experiences with this trip. The water was just the right temperature, cool & refreshing, the sand, although miserable-much too hot & contaminating everything, was perfect as well. The sun was out & I actually remembered to put on sunscreen so I avoided getting sun burned & was able to be carefree all day as we played an aggressive game of boys v girls football in the ocean, & enjoyed (in true 7-year-old fashion) our packed lunches of pb&j sandwiches, chips & juice boxes.

After we were all tired out we went to the house, grilled hamburgers, & just enjoyed each others' company. It was the best way to end the summer. 


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