I’m Callie Glynn. I hail from a small town in Virginia, attended school in Philadelphia, & currently live in Eastern North Carolina. I spend most of my time traveling between the three places because I'm not exactly sure where I actually live. I'm covered in freckles & have flaming locks of auburn hair. I spend most of my time drinking coffee, taking naps, collecting old family photos, & surfing the internet. I post about the happenings in my life & other general nonsense, and I'd be delighted if you would follow me on ALL the social media that I keep much more active than this blog:



The Expert Advice Series
A portion of this blog was be dedicated to Expert Advice as the main feature for a few weeks. The main reason I gave this advice was because of a class I was enrolled in as I finished my Bachelor's in Social Media Management. Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot to say I’m a recent grad & freelance social media manager & PR representative based in the Greater Philadelphia Area/Southwest Virginia/Eastern North Carolina. My mission is to help companies better market their products & services by creating an authentic connection between them & their audience. Along with managing social media, I am able to provide photography & videography to enhance the online presence of your company. I also work on separate projects as manager & producer. I have a strong aesthetic, & work to make sure only the best product is served to the customer.

Social media is an ever changing source. Nothing remains constant. Everyday improvements and new ideas are being created. Anyone who that chooses the realm of social media as a profession is actually choosing to be a lifetime student. This here is "Expert Advice" on social media trends, and how companies can better utilize this interface to improve business.

Through the series I will be giving my reflections on how social media works within the realm of the law, for social good, and its benefits in return on investment.

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