Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Expert Advice || Is social media dead?

W O W ! ! ! Could you imagine? Is it possible that social media is a fad, one that will be going away shortly? Is social media the 2000s version of the jelly shoes?

The idea that social media is dying kind of makes my entire existence pointless, and it makes me very happy that this idea couldn't be farther from reality. Social media is expanding, not dying. The revolution of social media is in full swing. While it started with a simple concept of websites that connect others, it has developed from a concept and into a paradigm. The authors write, "Social media will expand to become a fundamental connector of individuals in our society...everyone on the planet will have an opportunity to find a place in the social media ecosphere where they can find other like-minded individuals" (258).

While traditional social media may cease to exist, the overarching concept will flourish. Social media has now made everything have a social aspect. Marketers are now going out of their way to find social aspects in everything. How can you make toothpaste social? You create a hashtag for buyers to use to connect virtually or you create a Pinterest board dedicated to the whitest teeth you can find.

Marketing is centered on collaboration. How can you get the consumer's input and involvement in your product/service/idea? Consumers today demand "human and genuine" response, so how do you provide them with such?

What I'm trying to say here is: whether or not the social media networks we know today (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) survive forever, we will always have a social portion of the goods and services in our lives.

What do you think? Is social media dying, or is it just beginning to come into it's own? Comment below with your thoughts on the matter!


  1. There is no way that social media is dying. This is probably the time when it will become the biggest activity that people take part of in their daily life. If it were to die so many people's talents would be wasted. Millions of people would lose a lot of money and the world would possibly go crazy since everything that we need is now through the internet. Not only would people's jobs be affected but companies as well. Marketing products and other goods would have to revert back to newspapers and other news sources. Even those are a form of social media. It honestly is hard to think how the world could be run without social media because it just can't.

    1. I love that you said newspapers are a source of social media, I definitely agree. While it may not provide a widespread and immediate response, I, too, see it as a form of media that requires consumer interaction (just think about letters to the editor, aren't those basically long tweets?).

      Thanks for your feedback!