Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Expert Advice || The Basics

Before we can dive straight in to the ROI of social media, we must fully understand what exactly that means. Therefore, using the text from Powell, Groves, and Dimos, I have collected some basic information to lay down a foundation that will help us going forward.

Social media marketing is a new form of marketing and it differs in many ways from traditional media. The messages from social media are so different from other advertising media channels because the messages are multi-directional and generated by many parties including: marketers, influencers, individuals, and consumers. In so many ways, social media is a conversation that takes place between many individuals and can have many others observing and consuming the content not just in the now, but practically forever into the future. With social media marketing, the marketer is no longer in complete control of the message because everyone has a role in what gets said about a brand. Social media allows a high level of engagement with consumers, but how do you measure your ROI (return on investment) for a platform that seems more tuned to the consumer's needs?

Though some may disagree, social media marketing is measurable! It takes understanding of the new market and an open mind to how applicable ROI measuring tactics can be. Much of the return from social media marketing comes from engagement. Engagement is key. Engagement is truly what sets social media apart from traditional media. Through print advertising or television commercials, the brand becomes isolated, but with social media there is a conversation between the brand and consumers that is free to take place. 

One key to engagement is knowing your audience and what motivates them to partake in engaging with the brands they love. Take the appropriate amount of time to fully understand your audience and to develop your approach to motivating the audience. Once your audience begins participating in engagement with the brand, don't let it stop. Stay involved. 

Tell me what you think: Is social media marketing really measurable, or no?

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  1. I like your blog. Very professional! I like how you said that engagement is key because it really is. When you start to engage with people on social media chances are that you will receive the same engagements for your posts, videos, projects, etc. I noticed that when making GotAwesomeGaming. Not only was I able to share my love for video games but also met a lot of friendly and kind people. I feel like it even helps when seeing them in real life because they think "oh they liked this certain thing about me, I can talk to them about it because we both agree upon it." Really good work Callie. Keep it up.