Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break 2015 || A Recap

So I recently had my last Spring Break ever. Crazy. I'm a bit late with this post, but I still wanted to share how I celebrated my last bit of freedom before I get swept away in the stress of ending my college career.

My friends and I all went down to the tiniest town in North Carolina called Windsor. My parents are renovating my Pappaw's house here, so we stayed there because it was free (we're poor college students) and who needs internet or cable or any modern form of entertainment when you're surrounded by the funniest people ever?! We spent one day (or rather one hour) walking around downtown and just taking in the quaint beauty of the town. Much of the trip was spent with me taking the girls around and sharing some of my fondest memories of summer-long trips to stay with my Mammaw & Pappaw. After walking around for a bit, we stopped to have lunch at the mother of all BBQ joints, Bunn's BBQ. 

I cannot begin to explain how delicious Bunn's BBQ is - it's just absolutely perfect. Additionally, the owners are so kind! One of them risked his life, standing in the middle of the road to snap this picture for us. This lunch was particularly special to me as Tiffany and Tamika have never enjoyed North Carolina BBQ before, and they were treated to the best there is!

Another day was spent on the Roanoke River Walk, the Marsh Walk, and at the local petting zoo. We spent hours just sitting in the sun with our feet hanging over the dock. There's something so special about disconnecting from your digital life and taking in all that nature has to offer. After we sat on the river for hours we headed over to the petting zoo. I've always thought it so weird that Windsor has a petting zoo, but who am I to say that small towns don't have a need for buffalo? We started with the marsh walk where sheep greeted us while the locust and frogs conversed all throughout. Once you go completely through the marsh walk, you come to two lone buffalo in a hut. It was feeding time. We then made our way to the geese, alpaca, emus, mini horses, and goats. A diverse group animals that were just so adorable. There were these two baby goats that I stared at for 20 minutes nonstop. I swear it!

The next few hours were spent in the car driving from Windsor, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC to have a more traditional, connected Spring Break. Again, this was very new for Tamika as she's never been to Myrtle Beach, but I spent the majority of my childhood summers here during dance competitions so I'm quite familiar with the area. We were only going to be here for two days so despite my efforts we weren't able to cram as many activities in as I had hoped, but the time we spent down there was fantastic and we'll cherish those memories for eternity.

Because it was March, it was only about 60 degrees at the beach, but we couldn't resist the chance to be in the sand. Pennsylvania's weather had gotten us to our breaking points and we had to feel a least a little bit of summer while we could.

I've been so lucky to have these beautiful girls in my life. With each moment of our trip (from planning to participating), I could feel our friendships growing. I love them ever so much, and I cannot wait to see where we each end up throughout our lives. I'm excited that I get to live my journey with them by my side.


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