Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Filming, Friends, & Fun

For a while now, my friend Louie & I have tossed around the idea of starting a YouTube Channel.

Since 2007 I can remember dreaming of posting content onto YouTube and growing an audience, but much like with this blog, I've always been too afraid to. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had good reason: I hate the sound of my recorded voice, no one would actually watch, I'm really not that funny, no one in my immediate life contributes to online content so it'd just be really weird. I've had the same excuses for 7 years now, & I had no desire to face my fears and create content.

That is, until I met Louie. He and I were sitting in the on campus coffee shop, goofing off, chatting back and forth about Justin Bieber's semi-recent arrest. We were cracking jokes left & right, when all of a sudden Louie pops up & says, "we should have our own YouTube web series." In that moment, things got too real for me. I've always wanted this. Was it really going to happen? We had a platform figured out, we would take current pop culture news & release a "news segment"about each topic but instead, we'd sort of roast whatever that topic was.

Louie's tirelessly urged me since that initial day in February to do this with him, to start filming some little bits, and tonight we finally did. We didn't go with our first idea to roast everything, instead we got together with our friends, sat in front of a camera, and began.

Let me begin by saying that if you aren't used to it, sitting down & filming yourself is easily one of the weirdest things to do. I never knew where to look, or what to say, or if I should be like super happy & smiley, or cranky & snarky. I was so nervous, so I started to flow with Louie and whatever he was doing. Well, Louie was really weird and nervous too. We just sat there, attempting to do this thing that was so weird. But then we brought in two of our other friends to do the Best Friend Tag, that's pretty popular on YouTube.

All of us in frame, we began. I have no idea if there is any quality footage from tonight, but I can tell you that I had a blast. The four of us sat in a studio for almost two hours just joking around, & hopefully something great came from it. If not, that just means we get to do this again. So either way, I'm winning.


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