Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This past weekend my college hosted the second annual Captiv8 Film Festival. Captiv8 is a 48 hour film festival, in which teams have to film and edit an entire short film in just two days, the only thing they're allowed to do before the start of the competition is preproduction (i.e. script writing, location scouting, scheduling). Along with it only lasting 48 hours, each film must include 3 mystery details that are given during the opening broadcast of the festival.

This year's details included:

  1. Dialogue: "Don't you see? It's happening again."
  2. Prop: A bouquet of flowers
  3. Character: A barista
Last year, a group of my friends and I got together and formed a team, Follow Focus Films. Together we ended up producing an 8 minute short film, "Cost." It's the story of a father who gets the opportunity to show love to a child in a way he could not to his own son. You can watch it here.

This year, we got the band back together and produced something amazing. 

Now I'm not trying to toot my own horn, especially because I never do. But it turned out so well. The whole experience this year was so special for my team because it's the last year we'd be doing this, and this project is quite possibly the last project we'll get to work on together. Our story, "JIM", is about a man who develops a mental disorder in an attempt to cope with the tragic loss of his father and the shoes he left for him to fill.

As I said, we submitted this to Captiv8 Film Festival, and we were nominated for all six awards, winning "Most Captiv8ing Editor", ""Most Captiv8ing Director", "Most Captiv8ing Screenplay", and "Most Captiv8ing Short Film". I'm so excited to share this with you. 

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