Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maybe She's Born With It...

Maybe it's Maybelline.

It's almost unheard of that I would choose to not wear any makeup, but it's just the way I prefer it. I think it's because I was a dancer for all of my childhood. From the ages of 4 to 14 I was constantly having stage makeup thrown on my face, so by the time I reached the age girls start wanting to wear bits of makeup, I wanted nothing to do with it. My preferred choice in products was Chapstick.

I'm now 21 & nothing has changed. I don't wear make up & I'm generally not a fan of it. However, the older I get the more I begin to think that I need to have some sort of routine. Now I don't think I'm the type of person that will ever pile on layers & layers of products, but I have been more adventurous in the last year. I've even began to take a real interest in makeup. I'd say on average, I apply makeup to my face once a week (sometimes it's 4 days in a row, and other times it's not for 4 weeks, but like I said, on average).

Here's what I use: 

This product is very new to me. I've heard great things about BB Creams & was dying to try one out & considering I don't use foundation (because it feels to heavy on my face & it covers my freckles) I felt like this would be an appropriate substitute. So far, I'm very pleased with this product. It's light on my skin, so I don't feel swallowed up by foundation, but it still does what I want it to. 

Concealer, concealer, concealer! This is probably the most important product for me. Some days when I'm going makeup free, I will still apply concealer. Because of my skin tone I have these lovely purpley-red circles under my eyes & this same tint around the corners of my nostrils (it's very common for those of us with fair skin & red-tinted hair). Let me tell you, these circles are just so beautiful, too. They really draw attention to your eyes... Now honestly, I think I may have gone too light with this concealer getting it in Ivory, but with the right blending it works, & it really brightens/illuminates my eyes. I also prefer this creamy concealer to the concealer that comes like a tube of lipstick (which is the kind I tried last time).

Forever 21 Eye Shadow
If I wear eyeshadow, I go for a shimmery rose gold color all over the lid and I smoke it out at the corner with a matte black. I usually just smudge in the black with my finger too. It's super easy, but it looks pretty good in the end. I'm currently using Forever 21 products, as they were on super sale ($1) at the register, but I've also used other products & sometimes use a black eyeliner pencil to achieve the mach-smokey eye look.. 

I'm one of the lucky few that were born with naturally long, dark, curly eyelashes, so I don't have to wear mascara, but I am obsessed with this stuff. Maybelline makes some really great mascaras, but this is my favorite one. I keep meaning to try even more, but I just can't stop buying the Mega Plush! I also own the waterproof version of this & it's amazing. It doesn't come off. I've worn it while crying (like really really crying), I've worn it while swimming, it doesn't budge. I swear, you could apply it before your shower & not have to worry about it afterwards.

I've always preferred liquid eyeliners. They last longer & apply better than pencil, & I just don't care to mess around with gel eyeliners at this point. I like the sponginess of the applicator of the Line Stiletto mascara, I find that it really does give a great line the way it's advertised that it does - "smoothly & with precise control".

It may come as a surprise, but I'm not too big on blush. However, if I'm applying other makeup to my face & eyes, I find that it just looks strange if I don't wear blush. For Christmas last year, Santa brought me the Ulta Beauty Box, and lucky for me, this blush was a part of it. It's a simple light pink with a slight shimmer that just looks beautiful when the light hits it. It's very subtle & gives the perfect natural rosy cheeks look. **It's on sale for $3.00 right now!

I love Baby Lips. My favorite is Quenched. The Dr. Rescue line is pretty perfect too, just sayin'.

So yeah, that's about it. Those are the products I don't mind using. I hope I'm not the only one out there that really could care less about makeup. 


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